August 4

Dear Mr Garotti,

My name is Finn Csatlos and I live in Greensborough I am writing to you because I have a skate park in my area and every ramp is full with inappropriate graffiti. I am very concerned about this since my kids should not be seeing this language. My kids use this very often (5 times a week) and I would like this graffiti cleaned/gone.

If you could donate money that would be nice. The government will match the money to help us.
IF we raise enough we could potentially do a work bee where everyone cleans it off. This is opposite the school Apollo Parkways Primary School.

Your Sincerely Finn

August 2

My Dinner:

My Dinner

For dinner, I had perfect smooth ravioli. The lovely irresistible smell, let alone the taste. The golden butter sauce and the soft ravioli. The combination of butter sauce and ravioli is a delicious combination, it just makes your mouth water, and the craving for it doesn’t end. The food itself looks and smells so nice, and the tasted is even better. If your cold this food is even better, it warms up your body, like a heater. Soft pillow shaped-like ravioli, with the delicious filling of meat.

Finn Csatlos

August 1

Montmorency Production ‘Happy Days’


Happy Days was firstly made in the 80’s, as a sitcom. Montmorency Secondary College have based their production on this sitcom. Their was quiet a lot of singing, but in general was an alright show. Let’s get to the review.


Firstly, the costumes were quite good. The scenes were well set out, and organised. There was a lot of singing but the singing was descent, with a mix of girls and boys singing. The props though we’re not so good, with the mic stuffing quite a few times, making a high pitched noise, making everyone jump. It was like a long episode of happy days. Also give props to the band playing the whole time. (3 hours)

Finn Csatlos